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10 December

Knight Inlet Lodge now has 2 twitter accounts

Posted by:editor

Knight Inlet Lodge is pleased to announce that we now have two Twitter account to follow. @knightinlet and @knightinletbear. We hope that we'll be able to find enough to say without repeating ourselves too much!

06 October

Knight Inlet Lodge Grizzly Bears and Facebook blog

Posted by:editor

Facebook is an excellent way to keep up to date on Knight Inlet Lodge. will take you to our page which is regularly updated with photos, videos and reports on the grizzly bear activity in Glendale Cove. If you like what you see please be sure to select like on our Facebook page. Another way to keep up to date on the lodge is via our Twitter account @knightinlet Please remember to select the "like" button on Facebook if you enjoy our posts.

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